Pedro Cano

pedro cano

PhD in Computer Science and Communication, Telecommunication Engineer and a post-degree of EOI Business School. Author more than 45 publications in international journals and conferences as well as has 5 patents in the audio and music computing area. Assistant professor in the Department of Technology at UPF. Recipient of an ICREA Junior scholarship.

Pedro is a founder of BMAT, and currently the CTO. 

Previously I have been a Researcher of the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

My research interests include:
The result of my research is present in BMAT productline for: music recommendation and audio identification.


Here you will find an updated list of publications.


Scientific services

Program chair of the ,  1 Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals (LSAS) 2006 part of 1 international conference on Semantics And digital Media Technology (SAMT).

Local organization committee of the International Conference of Music Information Retrieval ISMIR 2004.

Main organizer of the first world-wide evaluation of algorithms for Music Information Retrieval ISMIR2004 Audio Description Contest.

Reviewer for the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on Information, Forensics and Security, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Information Processing Letters, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, International Computer Music Conference; International Conference on Music Information Retrieval.

Evaluator of SENTINELS program (Netherland national research funding agency,


Some projects where I have been involved include:

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Pedro Cano
BMAT, Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies.
Llacuna 162, 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

Email: pedro _ at _
Skype: pcanovila

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