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Pd Plug-in
In this webpage we present a web browser plug-in for real-time audio synthesis. The plug-in runs the Pure Data (Pd) sound synthesis engine within the web browser.
The plug-in enables dynamic multimedia content where sound plays an important role and the playback of static sound files is not sufficient.

The project is being developed by the Interactive Sonic Systems Department at the Music Technology Group in Barcelona, Spain.

Publications related to this project:

ICMC2004: An Internet Browser Plug-in for Real-time Audio Synthesis using Pure Data
First we have to embed the plug-in in the website loading a patch:
<object id="pdx" classid="CLSID:3F795FF5-1732-4114-8A3C-C46FA0288ACC" type="audio/x-pd"
  <param name="src" value="pdPatch.pd">
  <embed type="audio/x-pd" src="pdPatch.pd" hidden="true"
Then we need a JavaScript handler of the plug-in:
<script language="javascript">
  var pd;
  // get the plugin handler
  if(document.all) pd = window.document.pdx; // ie
  else pd = document.embeds[0]; // netscape/mozilla
Once we have the handler we can start sending messages using JavaScript.

The avaliable plug-in methods are:

start(): Starts the audio output ( same as send('pd dsp',1) )

stop(): Stops the audio output ( same as send('pd dsp',0) )

send(name, value): Sends a message to pd, the name is the receive symbol in pd

To receive the new 'freq' value, for example, we need a receiving symbol in our PD patch:


Then we can send a message using JavaScript:
<a href="javascript:pd.send('freq',440);">Set frequency to 440hz</a>
Internet Explorer
It will install automatically the first time you run the plug-in (try loading one of the examples below).
Netscape/Mozilla Win32
Pd Plug-in Setup 0.1 - You can also use this link to trigger de automatic installer of your browser.
To check if the installation was succesfull address your browser to "about:plugins". A "Pd Plug-in" should appear in the Installed Plug-ins list.
Netscape/Mozilla GNU/Linux
Pd Plug-in Linux 0.2 - Read the Readme file for installation instructions
Netscape/Mozilla Mac OS X
Looking for contributors.
Warning   Due to the nature of Pd there are some serious security isues related to the plug-in that are not solved yet.
  Pd features like file access and network access can be used by a malicious patch.
  We assume no responsability for any damage caused by the plug-in.

Once you have the plug-in installed you can check these examples:
Download all examples in one file with source code:

Change Log
Version 0.2 (30 Jan 2006): Version 0.1 (3 Nov 2004):
Known Bugs
Netscape/Mozilla Win32 Version