Opportunities at the Artificial Intelligence  Group -- Universitat Pompeu Fabra

There are usually a number of openings and funding options for qualified candidates:

Important: In order to apply to the UPF PhD program, you'll need a research statement (tentative PhD topic) and a letter of support from the prospective PhD advisor.If you are interested in doing your PhD with us and thus need this letter of support, you need to send me your transcripts, CV, and your research statement. This research statement should give me  some idea of why you want to do the PhD with us, and why we would like you to do your PhD with us. This means that you must show some familiarity with what we do and have some preliminary ideas of what research you could do with us. Without a hopefully clear and crisp research statement; I won't be able to write a letter of support.

About some of these programs, you may  want to take a look at the article Spain aims at premier league in Nature 431, 488-489, 23/9/04

If interested in joining our group as student, postdoc, or faculty , please contact  Hector Geffner.