Graham's ChucK page

Welcome to my page about livecoding with Chuck, the Audicle, and the miniAudicle.


The first chapter discusses practical tips for livecoding music in ChucK.

Also, I have a copy of my source tree (emacs mode) online, and some random articles on lj.


livecoding press: Real DJs Code Live Hacking Perl in Nightclubs
martin's pd external


livecoding, wii madness, and more

There are some recent doodles here.

recordings (B audio links broken)
16 May 2008
Conferencia Concert, Digital Arts Master's
Auditori UPF, Barcelona, Spain poster

10 April 2008,
8 May 2008
microsoberts at niu, Barcelona, Spain

8 August 2007
Live at Octane #2, Atlanta, GA
octane2 live
28 July 2007
Spark! Night at Parkgrounds, Atlanta, GA

21 July 2007
LOSS Livecode 2007 in Sheffield, UK
loss recordings
9 July 2007
Atlanta Laptop Battle Prelim #1 (winner)
dead code:
live wire, wiimote and chuck, daft mused
9 June 2007
Electronic Housewarming, Edmonton, AB

1 June 2007
electro-music festival, Philadelphia, PA

30 May 2007
Live at Octane #1, Atlanta, GA

21 April 2007
Nophest #2, Teahouse 11:11, Atlanta, GA
basic livecode
6 April 2007
Making Cheesy Music w/ Chuck, dorkbot-atl
24 Nov 2006
Nophest #1, Teahouse 11:11, Atlanta, GA
at Nophest, 24 Nov 2006 B
22 Nov 2007
Live on the Mobius, WREK, Atlanta
on Wrek, The Mobius, 22 Nov 2006 B
14 Oct 2006
Atlanta Laptop Battle Finals, Lenny's
Atl battle finals, 14 Oct 2006
live code: chance, strum
live kb: clair de fruity lune
12 June 2006
Atlanta Laptop Battle III (4th place)

stray compositions: ChucK pop B ChucK pop 2 B Cellular Automata B

thanks to: Octane, dorkbot-atl, WREK-the Mobius, Spark!, Teahouse 11:11, Lenny's, LOSS Livecode

ass kicking livecoders

Alex McClean is a member of the formidable slub
Andrew Sorenson amazes with his own scheme impromptu
Fredrik Olofsson self-referentially livecodes in Supercollider
Matthew Yee-King bangs the live-code-drum pads.
Nick Collins livecodes Supercollider and humans.
Dave Griffiths is creator of the (also scheme) fluxus
Mark Luffel livecodes visuals with nodebox
Robert Atwood live-patches in desire-data.
Ross Bencina live-mulches in his own AudioMulch.

TOPLAP is a tenuous alliance of these strange people.

2 Nov 2007, gkc