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Tangible Framework

Tangible Framework is an open source, cross-platform programming framework for the quick and effective development of tabletop tangible applications. It was mainly created and maintained for supporting the teaching on the Taller de Sistemes Interactius 1 undergraduate course at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This framework is built upon openFrameworks(OF), a group of multi-platform libraries written in C++ designed to assist the creative process, and it is distributed as an add-on for OF.


The main goals of Tangible Framework are:

  • Multi-platform
  • Graphics distortion correction
  • Simulation software
  • Gesture detection separation from application logic
  • Support of compound gestures

Tangible Framework is publicly available at github.


Musical Tabletop Coding Framework is an open source and cross-platform rapid prototyping tool for the development of musical tabletop applications. Following the basic philosophy of reactable, where objects are coonected and audio can flow from one to another.

It is an environment built on top of Tangible Framework, and allows to design and implement musical tabletop programming directly in the Pd language. The provided PD objects allow defining Tangible's properties (as some widgets as sliders arroud them), getting information about position, angle and user's interactions, getting distamces between objects, defining relationships and drawing waveforms among others.


It has been mainly created and maintained for supporting the teaching on the CDSIM graduate course, although it has been also used in several workshops.

MTCF is publicly available at github.

MTCF mobile

New Project Webpage --> mMTCF

This is a pre-release version:

test apk file

PD patches

Comming soon! for android.


Arduino HID Shield

Arduino HID Shield is an arduino Shield developed for a CCCB worksop.

More info here (catalan only).