Amaury Hazan Personal Page

Music Technology Group of the Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

I () am PhD Student at the Music Technology Group, I am specialized in Machine Learning and its applications in the Music Technology field, and I am actually involved in two research projects. The first one is ProMusic, a Spanish-funded project centered around Expressive Music Performance, while emCAP is a EU FP6-IST project which deals with the investigation of emerging cognition principles through active perception. I am also co-funder and partner of BMAT, the spin-off created by the Music Technology Group.

Research Interests: Machine Learning (Inductive Logic Programming, Genetic Programming), Modelling of Performance and Music Cognition, Signal Processing, Human-Computer Interfaces, Music Information Retreival.

You can find here my CV with a selected list of publications.

I am also a self-organized musician, song writer and composer.

Research Projects

BillaBoop is a vst audio for triggering drums with audio signals. It uses supervised/unsupervised classification algorithms to detect what sound the user is playing.

Sequentia-Goshi is a Genetic Programming system for creating and evolving populations of music performance and more generally sequential prediction models. The models are evolved to fit and generalize sequential training data. Sequentia-Goshi is based on Open Beagle framework

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