Sergi Jordà /

Associate Professor

Music Technology Group
Dept. of Information and Communication Technologies
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Since 1991, year in which I published my first academic paper as a freelance independent researcher, I have authored 18 articles in journals and book chapters, as well as 50+ peer-reviewed conference papers and given 20+ invited presentations and keynote talks. Of these publications, 50+ have received a total of 1200+ citations, the most cited one with 310+ citations (Google Scholar, March 2013).

Selection of Journal publications

  • Jordà, S. (1999). Faust Music On Line: (FMOL) An Approach To Real-Time Collective Composition On The Internet, Leonardo Music Journal 9:5-12.

  • Jordà, S. (2002). FMOL: Toward User-Friendly, Sophisticated New Musical Instruments. Computer Music Journal Number 26-3: 23-39.

  • Jordà, S. (2002). Improvising with Computers: A Personal Survey (1989-2001). Journal of New Music Research 31-1: 1-10.

  • Jordà, S. (2004). Instruments and Players: Some Thoughts on Digital Lutherie. Journal of New Music Research 33-3: 321-341.

  • Jordà, S. (2008). On Stage: the Reactable and other Musical Tangibles go Real. International Journal of Arts and Technology, 1-3/4: 268-287.

  • Jordà, S., Julià, C.F., Gallardo, D. (2010). Interactive Surfaces an Tangibles. Crossroads, ACM Magazine for Students 4-16:21-28.

Selected Books & Chapters

  • Jordà, S. (1997). "Guía Monográfica del Audio Digital y el MIDI". Anaya Multimedia, Madrid, Spain. Since the book has long been discontinued, you can download the full PDF or consult the HTML version.

  • Jordà, S. (2007). Interactivity and Live Computer Music, in "The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music" 89-106, Edited by Nick Collins and Julio d’Escrivan. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

  • Harper, Richard, ed. (2008). "Being human: Human-computer interaction in the year 2020". Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK.

  • Xambó, A., Laney R., Dobbyn C., and Jordà S. (2013). Video analysis for evaluating music interaction: musical tabletop. In "Music and Human-Computer Interaction", Simon Holland, Editor. Springer Series on Cultural Computing, Springer Verlag, London, UK.

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