• 2012 2010

    21441 - Interactive Systems

    The goal of this class is to show students in computer science the different modalities of interaction (full-body, ubiquitous, augmented, tangible,...) in different contexts (Application for enterteinment, education, fitness, speciqal needs,...). Practically, the students must also explore the different technologies that support these modalities of interaction (sensors, camera,...).

  • 2012 2010

    21420 - Computer Graphics

    Computer graphics is a course focusing on the application of advanced techniques for the visualization, synthesis and processing of visual information. The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the subject, so that the student is capable of taking more advanced courses in the following years (such as Computational Geometry, Synthetic Imaging, and Computer Games).

  • 2012 2011

    21423 - Communication in Technical English

    The aim of the course is that all students improve their skills in communication in technical English and the importance of English in the context of university studies, science, and the job market will be illustrated.

  • 2011 2010

    21417 - Structure of Data and Algorithms

    In Data Structures and Algorithms the goal is to study it in depth the following basic structures: Linear Structures, Tree Structures and Associative Structures. In addition, the course specially promotes the ability to analyze a problem from the standpoint of the information used and managed in a program, and how to design and program the best solution in terms of data structures and management operations.

  • 2011 2010

    21406 - Programming Fundamentals

    Introduction of students to the basic algorithms, data structures and object-oriented programming. The goal is to introduce students to the fundamentals of programming taking into account that they do not have prior experience in algorithms and programming.