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Interactive Experiences & Installations in Virtual Reality, Mixed Realty
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Nano-Zoom: An interactive experience to understand how small the nano-sclae is.
An experience for the teporary exhibition "Technorevolution"
of the CosmoCaixa Science Museums of Barceona and Madrid

01.09.2011 25.10.2010 (Exhibition, Barcelona 04.2012 - 04.2013 / Madrid 04.2013 - 04.2014)
This project is allows users to enter smaller and smaller scales in factors of ten and discover objects that may be found at each level as they are miniaturized. They interact through a multi-touch control table and are immersed by a large floor projection.
CRAFTI: Method for the Control and Regulation of Physical Activity of Children through a Novel Platform for Full-body Interactive Experiences called the Interactive Slide
Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation - TIN2010-18268
01.01.2011 31.12.2013
This project is in collaboration with research groups of the National Institute for Physical Education of Catalonia. Its goals are to find and validate a robust method to detect and control the amount of physical activity that children do in an exergame platform, especifically in the Interactive Slide.
Interaction Design for Educational Experiences on Palaeontology
For the Catalan Institute of Palaeontology - Miquel Crusafont Space
01.01.2010 02.10.2010
I provided expert advice on interaction design for the redesign of the Miquel Crusafont Space of the Palaeontological Institute of Catalonia in Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain. The new design provides the opportunity to the user of becoming a palaeontologist and explore all the steps of: discovery, classification, documentation and dissemination, of a palaeontological process. I especially provided advice in the design of an experience that allows users to reconstruct a prehistoric animal from its bones to a "living" 3D creature.
A new experience for the Interactive Slide
01.11.2009 30.09.2010
In this new experience we analyse the correlation between Physical Activity and Interaction Tempo (the rate at which the events flow within the experience). This correlation should eventually allow us to control and adapt to the amount of physical activity of children. This will allow us to produce a publich health tool.
Interactive Learning Experience on Nanotechnology
Interactive installation for a touring exhibition on a trailer for the Fundació la Caixa: Technorevolution
01.11.2009 30.09.2010
This is an interactive experience on a multi-touch screen to help children leanr that nanotechnology can help optimise the cure of cancer by making the medicine act only on the tumour and reduce colateral effects.
First- vs Third-Person Interaction Paradigm
Analyzing the adequacy of interaction paradigms in vision-based Virtual Reality experiences
01.11.2008 30.09.2009
In interactive, unencumbered, full-body, 2D, vision-based virtual environments (heirs of the seminal Videoplace by Myron Krueger), there are two possible interaction paradigms: first-person and third-person. Up until now, these two paradigms had not been compared or objectively analyzed in such systems.
Integrated System for Full-body Interaction Generated in Real-time & Music Therapy for People with Disabilities such as Autism
01.03.2008 30.09.2008 / 01.11.2010 15.07.2011
Evolution of the MEDIATE project that coordinates the interaction design with visual stimuli conceived for MEDIATE with the music therapy strategies of the Fundació Teknikhós.
Robot Factory
New experience for the Interactive Slide
01.01.2008 15.07.2008
First attempt to understand the potential relationship between Physical Activity and Interaction Tempo (the rate at which the events flow within the experience).
We Hunters
Centre d'Interpretació de les Pintures Rupèstres d'Ulldecona

01.03.2008 31.05.2008
A multiuser Virtual Heritage interactive installation on a large format touch screen (240x180cm) that allows children (and adults) to learn about the hunting strategies used by the characters depicted in the cave paintings of Ulldecona (Catalonia, Spain).
Interactive information system for the Aizpita Museum
01.11.2007 15.03.2008
A multiuser Virtual Heritage interactive installation on a large format touch screen (240x180cm) comprised of two parts: (a) a game inside an iron ore mine where users virtually trnsform iron ore into forged and smelted tools (b) an information system on the mining area of Aizpea a Zerain, Basque Country.
Interactive Slide
01.01.2007 Ongoing
A multiuser interactive slide for children. This flexible infrastructure is an computer-augmented version of a slide for children that may enhance playground activity, as well as address current health issues in European children related to sedentarism such as: obesity, growth and socialisation.
Connections (Connexions)
01.02.2007 31.12.2007
An interactive multiuser installation for Cosmocaixa (Barcelona Science Museum) for children 14 to 18 years old where they explore and experience how science and knowledge is structured.
Interaction with Virtual Water
01.04.2006 31.03.2008
Non-invasive, full-body, interactive experiences with virtual water for the exhibition at the Visitor Centre of the Expo2008 in Zaragoza.
Water Games (web site / video)
01.11.2003 26.09.2004
"Water Games" is an interactive and refreshing installation for the youngest visitors, and their families, of the "Forum of Cultures, Barcelona 2004". One only needs to find friends to form a ring, spin together around one of the interactive fountains and discover the Water Games!
MEDIATE: A Multisensory Environment Design for an Interface between Autistic and Typical Expressiveness (video)
01.09.2001 30.06.2004
MEDIATE is a multisensorial interactive environment for children in the autistic spectrum. Through visual, sound and tactile interaction, this environment hopes to bring the opportunity to the children to express and have fun, both through the action of their bodies and through some physical elements which are touch sensitive. MEDIATE will provide the children the opportunity to create a world with sensations, shapes, colours and sounds of their own.
01.05.2000 30.12.2000

"Desplaçaments" (Displacements) is a virtual reality installation that explores the relation of an individual with an environment where the visual and sound elements, generated in real time present open and emminently abstract situations related to the notion of boudary or frontier in the widest sense.
El Ball del Fanalet or Lightpools (video)
01.07.1996 01.11.1998

This experience is one of the first multi-user installation that uses Virtual Reality technology. An important component of the work is the exploration of the social possibilities of this medium.
Babble: The Virtual Tower of Babel
01.05.1996 01.12.1997

Babble is a Virtual Reality experience which takes advantage of the new technological channels to revive the debate around the babelic myth. Babble is a Ceremony of Confusion. The user becomes transient of the Virtual Tower of Babel.
MACBA On line
01.10.1995 31.09.1996

MACBA On line was the first platform for experimental production of net art in Spain, realised during 1996, as a result of the collaboration between MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona) and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Topofonia: Terrestrial Music
01.01.1994 01.05.1994

Topophonia: Terrestrial Music is an interactive installation in which the spectator can manipulate the cartographic data of the mountain of Montserrat. This information is presented visually as a projection of synthetic images generated in real time, through which one may navigate. The user can then discover a sonorous representation of this information.
Interactive-Immersive Demo, of Galeria Virtual
01.03.1993 01.11.1993

The interactive-immersive demonstration of GALERIA VIRTUAL is a virtual reality experience, which allows the person (user-spectator) to assume the differences found between the possibilities of art production and prception in our known reality and those that appear in GALERIA VIRTUAL.