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Welcome to my research page at the Music Technology Group at UPF.


Fall 2010: Informatica de l'Audio i Musica (seminar and lab professor, schedule), Senyals i Sistemes (lab professor, schedule)

Fall 2009: Informatica de l'Audio i Musica (seminar and lab professor)

Fall 2008: Informatica de l'Audio i Musica (lab professor)

previously Fall 2007: Informatica de l'Audio i Musica (lab professor)


Livecoding is one of my primary interests, discussed on my chuck page.

I am the author of Mused, a set of (one) interfaces for manual mosaicing.

Currently I am working to extend concatenative synthesis systems using audio transformations.

My advisor at MTG is Jordi Bonada.


G. Coleman, F. Villavicencio, "Predicting Transformed Audio Descriptors: A System Design and Evaluation." To be presented at Workshop on Machine Learning and Music (ACM Multimedia 2010).

G. Coleman, E. Maestre, and J. Bonada, "Augmenting Sound Mosaicing with Descriptor-Driven Transformation." Proceedings of DAFx 2010.

G. Coleman and J. Bonada, "Sound Transformation by Descriptor Using an Analytic Domain." Proceedings of DAFx 2008.

G. Coleman, "Mused: Navigating the Personal Sample Library," Proceedings of ICMC2007, 2007.

R. Hamid, A. Johnson, S. Batta, A. Bobick, C. Isbell, G. Coleman. Detection and Explanation of Anomalous Activities: Representing Activities as Bags of Event n-Grams. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2005.


Fall 2009 - Taking Catalan level 2 with PEI, auditing nonlinear journal club
Winter 2008 - Audited excellent Nonlinear time-series class by Dr. Ralph Andrzejak
Fall 2007 - TICMA Research Seminar (review of S. Jorda talk), MTG Journal Club (adafx, livecode)

collaborators, etc

I am a member and founder of Atlhack, a group dedicated to independent technology projects.

Stephen Ingram Vincent Fiano Mark Luffel Alex Rudnick Martin Robinson
Erik Peterson Drew Smathers Tejus Parikh Sonali Parikh
Raffay Hamid Amos Johnson
Ge Wang Parag Chordia Maribeth Gandy Jason Freeman Alex Rae
Sha Xin Wei Aaron Bobick Charles Isbell
Sam Burt

other interests

Running, cooking, music, futbol, and soup night.

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