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Carmen Platero presents her “Sonorous Crystal Drift”, an installation made up by crystal glass objects that drift on the water while they produce light and sound. This installation has been assembled and built by means of the use of homemade electronic circuits and devices.

By means of a series of mechanisms, water moves and the lights inside the transparent little pools start shining sporadically while new sounds are created. This cybernetic sculpture made of microchips, LEDs, microphones and loudspeakers aims at getting control of the drift of the objects using the electronic gadgets to create a poetic acoustic space that starts a conversation with the drift itself by means of mediation.

Moreover, the installation can be performed using the little crystal glass pools as an instrument.Cristián Sotomayor, a percussionist, interacts with these objects in real time and offers a small concert that takes the possibilities of this sounding crystal glass up to its limits.

But what is the poetic feeling of drifting? Will electronic devices be able to help us show these feelings?

Cristián playing at the first demo
5th Sound and Visual Exhibition - Convent de Sant Agustí


The "Acoustic..." in Artech 2006 SALA X - 17-23 November 2006
This time Joan Bages made a Pure Data Pacth
called "dones d'aigua" specially for Artech

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The "Crystal Drift" in Metrònom
Phonos Concerts 25.07.06

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