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UPF-DTIC Weekly Research Seminars

Welcome to the research seminars website of UPF's Department of Communication and Information Technologies. The seminars are held weekly on Thursdays at 3:30pm, unless otherwise mentioned, and are open to public. If you would like to receive the seminar announcements, please send an email to the seminars coordinator.

Note to the Speakers:

The research seminars also constitute a course of our Master's and PhD programs. The audience have a sound technical background, but many of them might not be familiar with the specific subject of your talk. Therefore, we would like to ask you to try to tailor your talk to a general audience and to avoid entering high technical details as much as possible.

Please kindly provide us with the title and abstract of your talk one week before your talk, the latest, by filling out the Seminar Details Form.

The talks are given in English and have a duration of one hour, including the time for questions. In order to avoid last minute technical problems it is highly advisable to set the equipment 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the talk. This can be arranged with either the seminars coordinator or your host.

The seminar room is equipped with a video projector and a PC with CD reader, USB ports, Internet access, Open Office/PowerPoint, and Windows/Linux. It is also possible to plug a laptop directly to the video projector. If you need any other equipment for your presentation, please contact the seminars coordinator.

Please note that most of the talks will be videoconferenced with University of Valencia.

Note to the Registered Students:

As part of the requirement for passing the seminar course, you need to attend at least 15 seminars. A sign-up sheet will be passed in class in the first 10 minutes of each talk.

In addition to the attendance requirement, you will need to write a 4-page report on a seminar of your choice. Please try to let the seminar coordinator know of your decision in the week following the seminar. You can change your decision later if a talk on a more interesting topic for you comes up later in the year. It is highly recommended that you contact the speaker for getting the material you might need as early as possible. The reports can be written in groups of two or individually.

If you are a master's student, your final grade will be the grade you receive for the report, provided that you meet your attendance requirement. If you do not meet the attendance requirement, there will be a penalty on your grade proportional to the number of missing attendances.

If you are a PhD student, you will be evaluated by only a pass/fail grade. You will pass the course only if you submit an acceptable report AND you meet your attendance requirement.

For more details see these slides.

The research seminars are currently coordinated by Azadeh Faridi.
For questions or comments, please send an email to