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A. Domingo Albert Domingo , Ph.D candidate and Jr. Researcher

UPF permanent Office
Dept. of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC).
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF),
c/TÓnger, 122, Despatx 55.210
Tel: +34-93 542 29 06
E-mail: albert (dot) domingo (at) upf (dot) edu

MIT temporary Office
Engineering System Division (ESD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
32 Vassar Street, Building 32 room G806
Cambridge, MA 02139 (USA)
Email: adomingo (at) csail (dot) mit (dot) edu

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Short Bio

He completed his BSc in Telecommunications and obtained his MSc in Networks and Management from Universitat PolitŔcnica de Catalunya in 2009. Before starting his PhD, he worked in different sectors, e-health, fiber related projects and TV signal broadcasting. Albert started his professional career in Overon where he worked for different European Televisions. The main work was to broadcast direct events, or any of their contents, through satellite channels. After that, he started to work with i2cat Foundation, located in Barcelona, where he played the role of Project Manager inside the e-Health and e-Dependance cluster. His main research there was with RFID/zig-bee and standardization related projects.

Currently he is developing his PhD within the Network Technologies and Strategies group - NeTS -at UPF about the difficulties on deploying the Optical Fiber and how its roll-out is affected by all the agents involved in a roll-out. The main methodology followed in this area is by creating techno-economical models that adjust some situations.

During his current Doctorate, he has been a visitor with the Advance Network Architecture group at MIT where he focused his researched onto the american market. There, he interact with different actors involved in a fiber roll-out to analyze the difficulties and compare them to some European known problems.

He is involved in Protocols de Xarxes i Serveis as a Professor Assistant. Other areas of interest are in Super-Wifi communications and Open Data. Therefore, he is involved in two Eropean projects: Commons 4 Europe and Open Cities. About Open Data projects, his research is focused on how Governments and public administration can provide data in a proper and standardized way to allow the creation of applications by third parties. Some derived problems of Open Data, and thousands of interesting data to be analyzed, are collected under the name of Big Data. This is related to the first and main interest of research which is the Next Generation Access Networks and how they will be able to guarantee the reliable transport of such an increasing amount of data under a regulated telecom sector.